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[JDrama] Code Blue - Episodes 11/11 (Complete)

Tags: commercials, downloads, downloads: drama, drama: code blue
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konni leelee~its been a while..just dropping by to say hi ^^
how awesome are you? you're SOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome, really!!

Deleted comment

taking the ep 5 softsub!
i've been waiting...
thank you sooo much.

Deleted comment

taking the ep5 hardsubs.. XD
Thanks for sharing.. Taking Ep 5 HS..
thanks! :)
uwah~! the ratings are pretty good ne? and EP01 rating is uwah~! XD

sugoii~ hopefully the ratings won't drop any lower...
*sees Ep04* i sooooo hope it goes up a few more knotches~ X3

thanks for the DL links~ (^3^)
thank you thank you thank you!:)
Thank you for the episodes. I wasn't going to watch this drama (not much of a fan of blood, even fake ones), but I couldn't resist a drama with YamaP.

Deleted comment

Thank you for sharing these! :D
taking the epi6 hardsub
Thanks a million for uploading these, and compiling all the episodes much to the ease of Code Blue and Yamapi fans..Otsukaresama!

Just wanna ask some opinions..which is more worthy to download, the Love Song's hardsubs or Queerbet's softsubs? Not that I don't appreciate any of their work (really, they both have done a great job!)but I'm not on a super speedy connection (like 20-30kb/sec)so a smaller sized videos is very to my liking..does the raw have a better quality than the hardsubs? I've downloaded up to ep4 of LoveSong's hardsubs though, and I'm loving their subs.
The good thing about raws is that, if you ever wanna do cappings you get nice clean screencaps ^^. But if you don't care about that and ask about the subbing, I'd probably say Love Song's because for a lot of the medical stuff they give an explanation at the top of what those mean. :) But Querbeet's subs are very accurate as well.
So I guess it's up to you, ne? Hope your connection will be able to handle Code Blue~!
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