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*under construction*
List of Yamashita Tomohisa Dramas

Dramas I've uploaded, and/or will upload to my LJ.
Lemme know if you want just eng subs or raws as well (though i won't do again what i did for Code Blue lol)
* This post will remain at the top of my LJ.

Buzzer Beat


Code Blue 2

Dragon Zakura


Lunch Queen

Nobuta wo Produce

Stand Up!!

o1. YES, i am alive (: sorry for disappearing alluva sudden!
o2. NO, i don't think i'll be as active as before nor can i guarantee that i won't disappear again for a while. :(
o3. IMU ALL BERRY BERRY MUCH. <3 happy belated birthdays, happy belated new year, happy...belated every holidays!!
o4. i also hope everyone will accept my new fandoms (kpop mostly *O*) and fangirl with me, yay?? :D
o5. Fill me in with whatever I missed out on? ^^;;

I will post a proper post later on, so take care for now. (:
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