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Very random, out-of-the-blue post.

I will be back very soon. I was going to post half a month ago, but some things happened at home so I lost internet completely until a while ago.

- I miss uploading, so I will most likely be posting 153298 uploads and organizing some uploads later on.
And mostly a special post...yays~~!

- Pipi . . . new single, solo concert . . . H.O.M.F.G. where...HAVE I BEEN?
Leelee wants to go seeeeee!!!! Pipi pls have more solo concerts in the future ;___;

BTW, Pipi + basketball + shorts + male bondings .... *dies all over*
Of course, even however busy, cannot pass a Pipi drama. Buzzer Beat was cuteness~

- f(x) . . . not necessarily a fan, but but... I love watching AMBER and SULLI. Amber looks like Donghae? LOLLLL I don't really see it but okay, lol.

-...omgomgomfgomgomgomfgomfg *is killed*
It's at times like this when fangirling many fandoms becomes such an awesome thing. You get really burnt out from fangirling over little things like this that you thought would very unlikely be possible.
But I'm a little mad because Hae & Ya Lun's handshake was blocked!! *heart dies a little inside*
But they touched though right?  Right? :DD *whacked* Oh, just realized watching it 234325235x again that it was a very casual handshake and abrupt...damnit, but still. x]] *happy fangirl*

Calvin has gotten way too thin! Has Chun been taking your food?? :( But Chun looks like he lost weight too. Gahh.

BTW, how do you like my new layout? Don't panic, there's a reason for it.

p.s. Oh noes... Kpop world is dragging me in a lot more lately . . . =__=

p.s.s. I'm looking for new f-list friends who will fangirl with me, anything jpop/kpop (mostly kpop right now 'cause most of my current f-list are jpop fans only lol)
Should I do a friending post? I'm afraid no one will reply, ahaha, so I'll just post a little note here for now.


Tags: fangirling, group: f(x), group: fahrenheit, group: super junior, group: super junior m, it's big news!, je: yamashita tomohisa
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nice layout, i love Shinee new song Ring Ding Dong ^_^ they are soo cool on the PV ^^

i live Jpop world and now Kpop tooo :D even i started lately to watch Kdrama too :)do u love super junior?
SHINee's LAYOUT!!!! ♥
Welcome to the dark side.
Ring ding dong ring ding dong
Ahhhh have you seen the Loveless PV short version yet? Yamapi is just...ugh. ♥ The song is really pretty too! And there are gonna be like six different b-tracks altogether, so I am pretty psyched! :D

It was kind of weird to me that there was a Yamapi drama and you weren't uploading it, haha.

It seems like everyone is getting dragged into kpop these days~ Nothing against kpop, but I still think JE is way more awesome. XD
I'll fan(boy) with you about K-pop!

SHINee is <3 right now~
You're back!^^
Happy hallowen!

Pipi's new PV is filmed in NY! I like the song. Ordered all three versions! I also hope he'll have more solo cons, cause then I will go go go~~~ xD
There is a Mola remix PV in News diamond DVD if you havn't seen it.

As for kpop fangilring. I'll happy bang w/ u, haha.
Srsly kpop has taking over my life latly with all new and older debuts and comback!!! *_*
whoa, leelee, you're back!

haha, that fahrenheit/sjm clip is olddddd~~ ;P
If you ever want to fangirl SJ/SJM I am your new bffl :D

Welcome back.
Welcome back Leelee! It's been a long time. How have you been? I suppose you've been busy with school work.

Have you watched Diamond Concert DVD yet? It's available for dl already! ☆-( ^-゚)v
I really like your new layout. Love love love SHINee! They are such an awesome group.
Also really like f(x). My favorite member is Amber as well. She's simply so cool! And they seem very genuine.
I'm definitely a kpop fangirl, especially SM artists.
I'm a kpop&jpop fan. :D
I like Shinee's song (mainly Y.O.U, somethings Ring Ding Dong gives me a headache with the heavy bass, but I still ♥ it). I like the picture you chose for the header!! SExyyyyyyy~~ lol but I like how you can see everyone but Jonghyun has the light covering his face. XD
I'm a major fan with MBLAQ and BEAST right now if you want to freak out together, hahah.
Leelee, you're back! Yay! I've noticed you changed your layout a few weeks ago and was wondering if you were coming back to LJ again. We definitely miss you and hope to see you posting more in the future. =)
lol :'D i see you listening to shiinee!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D hahahaa its ok im a big kpop person =P
:o Long time to see xD
Kpop world is dragging me too lately^^
i never though i'll like another band as much as news, but then i discovered dbsk. i hope the lawsuit will have a happy end!! *really hopes so*
btw i hope u don't mind if i add u^^
sorry i added you without commenting, thought it was a bit rude so HELLO :)
love shinee... and lee min ho :) :):)
although i love jpop, i can't help but admit that kpop is dragging me in, especially with friends all fangirling over super junior, dbsk and all :)

sooo... hope we can be friends :)
sorry to comment so late. i don't have internet at home right now ;_;

you watched buzzer beat, yay~~ i liked it a lot, too ^-^
hope to hear from you more again.... but i'm still not into k-pop, sorry XDDD
I have been on hiatus from livejournal, too


I couldn't believe that you where back.

We need to totally fangirl. Completely K-pop, completely DBSK.
OMG. IDK. I was watching/stanning Tomapi and then was all LEELEE DISAPPEARED...=( /checks your LJ

and i see my new love SHINee



(sara btw idek if you were around when i got a rename from darkjade21 to romanticgraze)