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Yess, I am alive, lol. Apologies for leaving without a hiatus note or any notice. ^^; I needed some rest from fandom...before I burn myself out and leave it completely (like I did with my last one...)
Is everyone doing good Are my fandoms doing good lol.
Would anyone like to update Leelee on the latest activities (just a brief summary) of all the Johnnys & my other fandoms? :)

I am so not up to date with them at all. I actually almost feel like a stranger coming back on my own LJ after...half a year? UWA longer than that O__O

I'll try to keep this short...try xD

I've been concentrating on university a bit more this year, and...luckily it paid off! I did better this year than in my last. Abandoning fandom paid off! XD

I'm behind with everything in fandom as well. Yay. ... I don't think I wanna try to catch up or else I'll be disstress looking at the stuff I missed out on, lol. However, I'll try to pick up on where everyone is now~

I've been laying off on dramas for...half a year now? Been picking up movies instead. ^^ I've missed out a lot on movies (some I should've watched ages ago and you'd be surprised if I listed them).
My goal is to watch 365 movies this year! Though I dunno if I'll make it since I'm a lot behind already *headdesk*

BIRTHDAYS!!  Oh gosh, I missed a lot of people...for my f-list with birthdays within the last 8 months... HAPPY (very belated) BIRTHDAY! And I am very sorry I am late! Hope you had a very wonderful one!

I actually remembered Pipi's birthday, honestly, and I was going to go on and do this huge b-day post for him (I was mentally prepared xD) I was going to post 24 old clips of chibi Pipi (wait, he's 24 this year right? *falls*   *Leelee bricked*) and a huge picspam and stuff... but then I realized I couldn't 'cause I had another upcoming exam 2 days away so I had to resist. :(   Ah...he knows he's special and that Leelee still rabu him berry berry much. ^^v Happy belated Birthday, buta~ ♥

I've taken an interest in looking/understanding more about hosts clubs. o.o It's due to all the host (references) in dramas/movies these days. Shall I take on this topic in my next post It's quite interesting and I can go on forever it'd be nice to talk to someone else about this too LOL. I've been watching too many documentaries. *sweats*
Though I suggest downloading a documentary over at jdramas (this one) if anyone wanna know more about male hosts. It's a scary world... a world where HAPPINESS can be bought with MONEY ...that only lasts a few hours. 

Ending thoughts: I am ARASHI CRAZY
Even though I stayed away from LJ and fandom for a while, I still managed to watch some (subbed) Arashi stuff and came to realize...of all Johnny shows (or groups probably), I think I enjoy watching ARASHI the most.
They can always make me laugh at least once in anything that I watch of them. ^^ They are SO much fun to watch Even though I love NEWS (i really do XD) but... ARASHI PWNS MY SOUL. I gave up on choosing a favourite in Arashi.

I had other things I wanted to post, but decided to keep the first post short.

Tags: fangirling, group: arashi, random rants: other, tadaima
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