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Code Blue / Pics / Rants . etc

Code Blue episode 10 LS HARDSUBS & episode 11 RAW will all be posted before the end of today. Sorry for the delay~!
I was caught up with some uni stuff (clashes with the sched, assignments and yada yada). And before that I had to download a 2DVD music show for my mom.

I was requested to upload CNsubs of Code Blue as well (like I did with ProDai). I'll think about it, ne? If I have time I will upload CNsubs as well. There are no promises though~

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Soooooo cuteeeeeee BOSCO/RAYMOND (BoRay?). Brotherly love is lovee <3 I wants this picture plz :(
Speaking of which... Raymond has a second album out?? Already?? EEEHH? Where have I been? *HaEppy!*

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I swear, Gui Gui is just TOO cute when she smiles. I am jealous of her smile, lol. I'mma have to get used to YaLun/Gui Gui combo (for The Clue Collector), even though Ya Lun belongs to Leelee I can tell he seemed a tad awkward around her in 1-2 of the newsclips. She's so open, hahah.
Ya Lun so cute in here o^^o

For now...
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SO CUTE, SO CUTE. Sorry, but I'm gonna have to squee over Wang Zi/Ya Tou now while I'm still watching Hei Tang Qun Xia Zhuan ^^
Ya Tou is SO cute, too. Even though her voice took just a bit of time to get used to, lol, but once you do...she just ends up being so adorable partially 'cause of her voice.

And whoever thought of making such a group like this... won me over completely. XD
Two adorable TW actors/singers, why not?? ♥ Their connection is Gui Gui. Sad, rofl.

I've never loved the internet more...when it comes to finding old (HK) drama series, loll.

Whyyyyy uni, do you have to come around now? I wanna watch:

Looking Back in Anger (TVB, 1989)
Kindred Spirit (TVB, 1996)
Virtues of Harmony I & II (TVB, 2001-2005)
(yeah, I haven't watched this one yet either :p)

There were series from 1970s, but... lol yeah I am not interested in watching those right now.

Next season's Japanese dramas I'm interested in:
... it's most likely I'll start these in December, lol, when I am on holiday break. This year has too much work already, do not have time to go drama crazy. Plus, I'm still far from finishing any dramas from this Summer season...except for Code Blue =P

I kind of wish there could be some fansub groups that would sub WOWOW dramas as well, because a lot of them sound really interesting :) Like this one, or this, or this.

I get off early on Wednesdays, so I have time to post. :) I've gotta go do my hwmk assignment now, since it's due by today.
The post is screened. idk, lol.
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I think Wang Zi and Ya lun look a bit alike. I even fantasy they have the almost same personality xD

OMG, leelee. That group in CR is so much WIN ^____^

I'm also sad. I want Ya tou and wang zi to be together not anything else. Even though I still think her voice is annoying sometimes *laugh* Wonder if that is her real voice?? o_O

I haven't even started to look what dramas are going to start next season. I'm full with those I have at the moment ^^;;;
Code Blue was a really good drama, especially the last 4 eps for me. I never thought i could like a medical drama. Cried lots on the last ep xD
glad you're still doing fine leelee =)

Deleted comment

I think Aaron & Wang Zi are totally cute as well!
I don't know if you heard, Gui Gui & Aaron had some arguments/fights when they were filming, and it became big news. Maybe that's why it's awkward sometimes?
oh hey this is TIN aka figuramalaya? lol HEY I'M BACK OKAY ADD ME :p

and lol u haven't changed a BIT. im a little lost with the JE fandom atm, so i haven't seen Code Blue (well I did, but only a few seconds of it) and BAH SO MANY THINGS TO KEEP UP WITH ROAR

and issit just me or is that AARON of FRH?????

OR someone else?


Kimi no Happy Birthday~♪
Happy Birthday to you (in 43 mins)!

Haven't seen you around for quite some time now. How have you been? Thank you for uploading CB. I've been downloading it from ya! Hope you'll have a wonderful B-day tomorrow!
Ish me~ Em-chan ish back!!!!!!!! >w<

Leelee, what happened to you? Are you still alive?! Post something so we know what you've been up to. ;_;