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[JDrama] Code Blue - Episodes 11/11 (Complete)

Tags: commercials, downloads, downloads: drama, drama: code blue
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OMG!!i've been searching anywhere to find the code blue hardsub since i just saw only torrent in d-addict..i'm glas u share this and hontoni arigatou!!(^__^)
are these subbed..thanx
I luv yamapi and erika as much as i luv all these links..i'm taking the hardsubs
Nice work
Was about to say that Love Song's hardsubs has come out...to see that it is being uploaded by yamaperfection-san. Thanks a bunch!! m(_._)m

I'm loving the drama..but I do think that more character development for Hiyama and Shiraishi would be wonderful.
Taking hardsubs for episode 8. Thank you!!!
Taking episode 8. Thanks a lot~
Thanks for sharing. The rating recently aren't that good... Hopefully, it rises soon!

Deleted comment

Thank you for ep 8 =)
thank you! :)
Hi, i was wondering if you could put out the list of the songs you have on your page onto your page. i really like one of them and i would really appreciate it if i could get the name of it :)
There's a lot of songs on my playlist ^^' do you have an email or anything so I can send it to you?
you're always so fast...
thanks for sharing.
I'm taking MF link of Ep08 - Love song version.
Thank you very much!

thank you so much ^^
Thanks for the HANABI single, Leelee!


September 6 2008, 17:42:50 UTC 8 years ago

thanks. am taking the music files ^___^
Thank you so much for sharing the episodes!

I just moved into a college who's filtered internet blocks megaupload so I am so thankful that you provide mediafire links! I'll be back for episode 9 in a bit =]
it seems like you from big of the big FAN < lol

arigatoo~ keep your amazing wor
weeee! thank you so much for ep 9 update! =)

Deleted comment

thanks for sharing...
been looking it for a while since I only found torrent at d-addict..

i'm taking the hardsubs..^^
thanks for always updating us.
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