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[JDrama] Code Blue - Episodes 11/11 (Complete)

Tags: commercials, downloads, downloads: drama, drama: code blue
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Ahi'm sorry. i just realised you have a playlist. Anyway the song i fell in love with is sang by a female and male and it's a slow song :/ Can you tell me it's name please?

And thank you for the links of CB <3
konni leelee~its been a while..just dropping by to say hi ^^
how awesome are you? you're SOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome, really!!

Deleted comment

taking the ep 5 softsub!
i've been waiting...
thank you sooo much.

Deleted comment

taking the ep5 hardsubs.. XD
Thanks for sharing.. Taking Ep 5 HS..
thanks! :)
uwah~! the ratings are pretty good ne? and EP01 rating is uwah~! XD

sugoii~ hopefully the ratings won't drop any lower...
*sees Ep04* i sooooo hope it goes up a few more knotches~ X3

thanks for the DL links~ (^3^)
thank you thank you thank you!:)
Thank you for the episodes. I wasn't going to watch this drama (not much of a fan of blood, even fake ones), but I couldn't resist a drama with YamaP.

Deleted comment

Thank you for sharing these! :D
taking the epi6 hardsub
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