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[JDrama] Code Blue - Episodes 11/11 (Complete)

Tags: commercials, downloads, downloads: drama, drama: code blue
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arigatou ne..:)

ive been Looking 4 d hardsubbed luckily i ran into your site..:) mwah!!
thanks! i'll take the LS hardsubbed when it out ^_^
i took your ls hardsubbed MU links, thank you!! also added you as a friend, hope you dont' mind. i like the music on your page ^^
I'm taking the MF files hardsubbed thank you!!!!!
thanks 4 sharing!

i'm taking the LS one :)
awesome~ Thank you so much for UPing! *gasp* a pi AND a fishydonghae fangirl XDDDD i've found my clone O_O
You're welcome~~ Lol FISHY! ;) Donghae + Pipi fangirl? Way awesome ^^
Thank you for the rapidshare links :)

Deleted comment

for those who find the original raw too big. i've re-encoded to smaller size HQ

Episode 01 raw(220mb, 1/4 CD size, x264 re-encode, mkv format)
*note: join files with hjsplit before viewing

Episode 02 raw(175mb, 1/4 CD size, x264 re-encode, mkv format)

thank you so much for doing this efforts to share code blue! =)
taking the softsubs of episode 2 :D thank you :D
Lovesong episode 3 hardsubs have been released =)

Code Blue Ep6 Raw


9 years ago

code blue ep 7


9 years ago

thanks alot!!! I'll be taking hardsubs MF links!!
love song released episode4 of code blue subbed! (I think), according to their wiki.
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